2013 In Review: ZeptoLab's Semyon Voinov

Multiplayer's key to retention

2013 In Review: ZeptoLab's Semyon Voinov

As we come to the end of 2013, it's time to look back at the events that dominated the last 12 months in mobile gaming.

We've asked the industry's great and good to give their take on the last year, as well as predicting the trends that will come to pass in 2014.

Semyon Voinov is co-founder of ZeptoLab, the developers of the smash-hit Cut the Rope which has just launched its full-fledged sequel, Cut the Rope 2.

Pocket Gamer: What do you think was the most significant event for the mobile games industry in 2013?

Semyon Voinov: An arrival of a new wave of free-to-play titles focused on a quality and innovation.

For a long time, Zynga was a "face" of free-to-play, now it's companies like Supercell - with the focus on a user experience and great attention to detail.

What was the most significant event for your company?

This event came on 19th December, the release of Cut the Rope 2!

What was your favourite mobile game of the year?

Jelly Splash got me addicted for a long time!

What do you predict will be the most important trends in 2014?

I believe that multiplayer will become even more important.

It's a key to retention and monetisation, especially given the rising level of competition.

What's your New Year's resolution and what resolution would you enforce on the industry?

While we love expanding Cut the Rope world and will certainly continue doing that, we are also aiming to deliver another big hit next year - and that's my personal focus.

As for the industry - I would love to see more out-of-nowhere hit wonders that make our field so dynamic and exciting.

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