Amazon allows developers to set prices for HTML5 apps in its Appstore

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Amazon allows developers to set prices for HTML5 apps in its Appstore

Amazon has announced a major change to its Appstore that allows developers to set a list price for HTML5 web apps.

This update comes almost half a year after Amazon opened its Appstore up to HTML5 apps, thus allowing them to be sold next to native Android apps.

The only catch with the August rollout, however, was that developer couldn't set prices initially - all web apps defaulted to "free" once listed on the store.

This was addressed in Tuesaday's update, and now developers can easily set prices for HTML5 apps in specific currencies for each local market they're publishing in.

Currently, Amazon's Appstore reaches customers in almost 200 countries around the world.

Something for nothing

On the other side of the coin, Amazon also announced that HTML5 apps are now eligible for the Free App of the Day promotion once they have a premium price set.

In order to opt into the Free App of the Day promotion, an interested developer need tick a single checkbox and hope that their app is chosen.

To learn more about Amazon's changes to HTML5 apps on its Appstore, you can click here.

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