Amazon cold-calling Google Play's top devs in attempt to bolster its own Appstore

Throwing kindling onto the fire

Amazon cold-calling Google Play's top devs in attempt to bolster its own Appstore

Amazon has set about 'cold-calling' successful Google Play developers offering undisclosed incentives if they launch their games on the firm's Appstore for Android.

That's according to a tip off we've received from a trusted source, with Amazon allegedly contacting studios via email in an effort to "bring in the best apps for our customers".

If true, the move is not an altogether surprising one given the intense competition between Amazon's Appstore and Google Play, but it does bring into question the legitimacy - and sustainability - of having two major, global Android marketplaces.

'Increased exposure'

Though no express indication is given as to just what's on offer for developers that do make the leap, the purported email makes reference to the "wonderful reviews" the game in question has benefitted from in Google Play.

"Given that it is similar to what you're currently doing, it should be easy to bring your content to our Appstore," the email continues.

"I'm interested in seeing if working together will benefit you since we can provide increased exposure and help you gain additional customers."

The email concludes by pointing developers to Amazon's Games Developer Portal's splash page.

Firing up the competition

If this report is indicative of a broader campaign by Amazon, then the recruiting tactic is another arrow in Amazon's rapidly expanding quiver.

Over the past few months, the US-based retailer has rolled out its proprietary - and giftable - Coins virtual currency, opened up its App Store to HTML5 web apps, and allowed developers of said web apps to set premium prices for them.

Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that the Kindle Fire - and, by extension, the Amazon Appstore - is gaining ground on Google Play. In December, App Annie found that Amazon's Kindle Fire was the most popular Android gaming tablet in the United States during Q3 2013.

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