Pocket Gems revenue climbs 32% to hit $82 million in 2013

Best year yet in company history

Pocket Gems revenue climbs 32% to hit $82 million in 2013

The Sequoia Capital-backed mobile games company Pocket Gems has announced that its 2013 revenue was $82 million - up 32 percent from its 2012 total.

Pocket Gems attributed much of its success to the performance of Tap Paradise Cove and Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, along with a number of successful new IP launches.

This marks the first time in its four-year company history that Pocket Gems has disclosed its annual revenue figures although it notes that it has grown in size and revenue every year since its founding in 2009.

The best is yet to come

But Pocket Gems isn't content to sit on its new perch.

It has plans on how best to explore new genres in mobile games and entertainment, including an interactive story experience custom tailored for mobile.

It's also working on ways to deliver "console-level multiplayer experiences on mobile" to help continue its upward growth trend.

Unfortunately, it might not be starting out on the right foot.

This week's Monetizer column focused on its Epic Empire and noted that it's "an interesting attempt to fuse an RPG with the mobile strategy genre but the gameplay and monetisation loops aren't well aligned, something that's reflected in the game's weak commercial performance to-date."

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