Video gameplay sharing tech Kamcord integrates into Unreal Engine 3

Now part of the official Integrated Partners Program

Video gameplay sharing tech Kamcord integrates into Unreal Engine 3

Video sharing is probably the hottest viral channel in gaming at the moment.

Good timing then for any developers using Epic's Unreal Engine 3, as US mobile video game clip sharing outfit Kamcord has just joined its Integrated Partners Program.

This means any developers using Unreal Engine 3 for their iOS and Android mobile games now has the opportunity to use the recording and sharing tech, safe in the knowledge that the integration has Epic's blessing.

Selfie your game

Indeed, Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney commented, "The Kamcord integration with Unreal Engine 3 provides awesome real-time video recording and social sharing functionality that developers can drop into their mobile games for added appeal."

With Kamcord implemented, players can record, replay, and share in-game clips via email, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This helps in terms of discovery as players can view all the user-created videos for any Kamcord-equipped game without leaving the app.

Since Kamcord released its technology, players have recorded more than 2 billion videos and uploaded more than 2 million.

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