TIGA calls on UK Chancellor to push through Games Tax Relief

Pens open letter to Osborne

TIGA calls on UK Chancellor to push through Games Tax Relief

Uk trade association TIGA has published an open letter to Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on the subject of expediting the planned Games Tax Relief.

Penned by the body's CEO Dr. Richard Wilson, the letter highlights the recent decision by Activision Blizzard to engage in employee consultation process for the 47 employees of The Blast Furnace, a Leeds-based studio best known for its work on Call of Duty: Strike Team.

TIGA claims the move is as a sign of what's to come for the UK games industry if the Games Tax Relief situation is not resolved soon.

One for you, nineteen for me

In the letter, Wilson called the planned introduction of the Games Tax Relief in 2011 "a significant and highly welcome measure for the UK video game industry and for the wider economy".

While the exact situation with The Blast Furnace is not yet known, Wilson cautioned that future investments and employment prospects are contingent on the implementation of Games Tax Relief.

"Eden Films has plans to build a new games studio, Codec Studios, and to develop a new £30 million video game," details Wilson.

"Based in central London, Codec will employ over 100 highly skilled development staff for a minimum of three years. However, this investment and others like it will not take place until the uncertainty surrounding Games Tax Relief is ended."

The chief delay facing the Games Tax Relief is an investigation launched by the EU Commission in April 2013.

Wilson ultimately calls on Osborne to "clarify what concrete action the Government is taking to ensure that the European Commission will give the green light for the introduction of Games Tax Relief at the earliest possible opportunity,"

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