Applifier launches Android version of its Everyplay social gameplay sharing service

Compatible with Android 4.1 and up

Applifier launches Android version of its Everyplay social gameplay sharing service

Applifier has announced the launch of an Android version of Everyplay, its social gameplay video sharing service.

With this launch, Everyplay is now the only game replay service in the mobile market capable of supporting Android 4.1 or greater, which will allow it to run on some of the more ubiquitous Android devices like Samsung's Galaxy SIII and S4 phones, LG's Optimus devices, and Google's Nexus devices.

Jussi Laakkonen, CEO and founder of Everyplay, notes that the Android version will support both simple and complex games.

"The common wisdom was that replay sharing would be impossible on Android 4.1, but we made it work. Everyplay for Android 4.1 and up supports even the most CPU and GPU intensive games like Dead Trigger 2."

"Everyplay lets developers bring replay sharing to over 60 percent of the global Android market versus only 10 percent as with competing offerings,"

Jumping Jelly Beans

Everyplay's new Android version gives Google Play developers expanded opportunities to employ its powerful replay sharing, game discovery, and player engagement capabilities - the combination of which accounts for up to 7.5 percent of daily installs for games signed up for Everyplay's service.

Madfinger's CEO and co-found Marek Rabas recently launched an update to the iOS version of Dead Trigger 2 and fans shared close to 20,000 replays in a few days time.

This makes Rabas understandably eager to bring the capability over to the Google Play side of Dead Trigger 2's playerbase.

"We've been testing Everyplay's Android version in Dead Trigger 2 and it works great. We'll be bringing it out to our Android players very soon!"

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