Rumour: Supercell hack reveals DAU and ARPDAU, access to internal emails

Earnings of $5.15 million a day leaked

Rumour: Supercell hack reveals DAU and ARPDAU, access to internal emails

A hacker going by Ethical Spectrum has allegedly hacked Supercell's official Clash of Clans and Hay Day Facebook pages.

Going one step further, the hacker posted an unverified screenshot which purports to show some enticing figures for Supercell - namely, its DAU and ARPDAU.

It's unclear as to whether this figure is for Clash of Clans globally or a combination of Supercell's games in a given region, but 29.4M daily active users at an ARPDAU of $0.18 works out to an estimated daily revenue of $5.29 million, although revenue is listed at $5.15 million. 

The screenshot is allegedly taken from Supercell's Engagor account, a cross-platform social media management tool.

Shortly after the hack was reported, Ethical Spectrum took to his or her Twitter to clarify that "no i dont have access to players credit card information".

More intriguingly, the hacker appears to have compromised a Supercell Employee's email account and posted an internal email from Ilkka Paananen acknowledging the breech - thus lending legitimacy to the hacking claims, which Supercell also corroborated via Twitter on Sunday.

In the email - a screenshot of which is posted to Twitter - Paananen allegedly wrote, "The best possible 'revenge' here is to continue to operate as we have or even better. Let's not have this hacker get what he wants. Let's not have him win."

In response to this, Ethnical Spectrum tweeted, "check your PC and your Emails i'm not done with you but i'll stop attacking you right now , Wait for me".

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