Supercell's 2013 revenue was $892 million

Or $689 million under GAAP

Supercell's 2013 revenue was $892 million

In keeping with Finnish financial law, and despite being a privately-held company, Supercell has announced its 2013 figures.

Revenue from Clash of Clans and Hay Day was $892 million (€672 million), up from $101 million in 2012.

Earnings (EBITDA) were $464 million.

However, in keeping with GAAP financial principles, its official figures - making them comparable with the likes of EA and Glu Mobile - are revenue of $689 million and EBITDA of $322 million.


In talking about the figures, CEO Ilkka Paananen was keen to point out that Supercell and its founders had paid the Finnish government around $345 million in terms of taxes in 2013.

It's part of what he said was building a longterm company that cared for its staff, its players and its wider community.

"We want to build a company that will last decades. This is our dream," he said.

As part of this, the company expects to pay out a dividend in 2014, which will include all employees through the company's profit share system.

Paananen also pointed out that Supercell doesn't use any tax optimisation measures.


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