Appy loves you. All IAPs now priced at 99c

It's a stark experiment in monetisation shock

Appy loves you. All IAPs now priced at 99c

As a cod IAP economist, I'm not sure what to make of Appy Entertainment's latest stunt.

The US developer has decided to love-bomb its players by pricing all the in-app purchases in its games at 99c for four days.

Yes, all the IAPs in FaceFighter Ultimate, Trucks & Skulls, SpellCraft School of Magic and Animal Legends are now priced 99c.

That includes IAPs that were $1.99 through to those that were $99.99.

Something for almost nothing

What will the result be? Presumably, a lot of players will be buying $99.99-worth of in-app currency for 99c...

But maybe a lot of new players will download the games and pile into the sale economy?

"In high-minded terms, we're trying to discover something about the elasticity of our IAP prices," ponders Appy's Paul O'Connor.

"In more practical terms, we're blowing everything up with dynamite and seeing if the market takes notice."

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