iOS 7.1 update adds in-app purchase warnings to search results

iOS 7.1 update adds in-app purchase warnings to search results

Apple's App Store now warns consumers that a game contains in-app purchases from within search results.

The change, spotted by Pocket Gamer editor Mark Brown, was rolled out as part of iOS 7.1 – the most recent version of Apple's OS – and expands on existing notices designed to raise consumer awareness of IAPs with free releases.

Instead of limiting the 'offers in-app purchases' text to app descriptions, the updated App Store now includes the warning prominently within the search results themselves.


In-app action

Apple hasn't made any official announcement regarding the change, though commentators will likely point out it's a reaction to increasing heat over just how 'free' free-to-play releases are.

The new in-app purchases warning rolled out last night

Facing criticism from consumers and the press alike, Apple has endured a long and storied history when it comes to curtailling unauthorised in-app purchases made within its marketplace – a history that began with class-action lawsuits.

Since then, Apple has launched an App Store guide to explain IAPs to parents and has even gone as far as to create a special refund system for families.

The new, more prominent warning label for apps that contain in-app purchases will no doubt be seen as a logical extension to this process.

It can also be seen as a reaction to the current zeitgeist.

In the past 12 months, the UK's Office of Fair Trading has drafted up a set of eight principles aimed at protecting consumers from untoward in-app purchases, and the European Commission has taken a pronounced interest in curtailing misleading IAPs as well.

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