Tapjoy announces nGen platform to monetise the 'other 95%'

Moving beyond the offerwall

Tapjoy announces nGen platform to monetise the 'other 95%'

Well known for its monetisation smarts, Tapjoy is now looking to extend its value across the app ecosystem.

In development for the past nine months, it's announced its nGen platform.

This extends the company's reach from monetisation to also include big data management, user targeting, and dynamic in-app retailing including messaging.

The result is what it hopes will be a one-stop-shop for the industry, or as it describes it, ensuring Tapjoy is the "leading value creation solution for apps and games".

The value exchange

Of course, at the core sits Tapjoy's advertising platform, which ranges from traditional banner and video ads to its signature offerwalls of incentivised actions.

Now, however, nGen gives developers more flexibility in terms of hooking these options into the best opportunities and events within the flow of a user's experience.

It's this which it says will enable developers to monetise the 95 percent of users who don't directly spend money in their apps and games.

One developer to successfully use nGen during its beta is US studio Concrete Software. It integrated the SDK into the Android version of its game PBA Bowling Challenge.

CEO Keith Pichelman said the flexibility provided by being able to provide the right advertising options at the right moment saw a 130 percent increase in ARPDAU from Tapjoy users.

"Before using nGen we were monetising 2 percent of our daily active users. With nGen, it was 6 percent," he says.

For example, if players cancel an IAP transaction or fails to complete a tournament, the game now shows them an advert they can watch to get more in-game currency.

"And we haven't had any negative reaction from players either," Pichelman reveals.

To further help companies in this regard, Tapjoy has a developer relations team to advise on best practise.


"Our mission is to drive significant value for our publishing partners, and the launch of the nGen Platform signifies a transformative moment for Tapjoy," explains CEO Steve Wadsworth.

"By combining an intelligent events-based framework, powerful targeting capabilities and our suite of ad products, the nGen Platform makes in-app advertising a much more valuable tool for publishers who want to monetize more effectively and drive deeper app engagement."

The nGen Platform is available through the Tapjoy SDK 10.0, which is available now.

You can find out more information here.

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