Ouya drops free-to-try restriction

Ouya drops free-to-try restriction

In a reversal to its launch aim, unconsole Ouya has dropped the requirement that developers provide some free content.

Previously, games on the Android TV platform either had to be free-to-play or offer a free demo.

But on its blog, Ouya Games Guy Bob Mills says "many devs had trouble meeting the requirement, didn't want to make a demo, or weren't sure how to monetize their game".

Demonstrating about demos

He goes on to detail...

"We kept hearing the same things:

· It's about choice. Give devs the freedom to choose. That's openness.
· It doesn't make sense, creatively, to put a demo in my game.
· Implementing demo content is not within our studio's budget.
· I don't really know how to implement a good demo."

The move comes as Ouya looks to extend its platform beyond its own hardware, with a hook up with Mad Catz' MOJO the first of many expected announcements.

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Paul Laimal-Convoy
Paul Laimal-Convoy
Just another coffin nail for Ouya. They did a deal with a AAA developer and prostituted their beliefs for the sake of some rushed port of a game already out for Android.

Without free demos, people can't tell if the games coming out will work on their controllers (the ouya's never work and many games don't support other controllers or when a keyboard is connected), with their usb storage (the ouya has problems with usb devices), or indeed are working at all (some games crash or won't load). Ouya also has got no refund policy officially in place and there have been claims by customers of slow replies from a Ouya customer service (although they've always been fast with me)

Ouya has lost the trust and goodwill of just about all its backers at this point.

This will only encourage piracy.