Creative Mobile signs up for Cashplay's real-money wager tournaments in Drag Racing

Go head-to-head or pay for big skilled-based events

Skill-based real-money outfit Cashplay has signed a deal with Creative Mobile.

This will see its platform integrated into iOS and Android games within the 150 million-strong Nitro Nation Drag Racing franchise.

The first game to use the technology will be Drag Racing.

Cashplay enables players to choose to wager real cash on head-to-head tournaments as well as paying to compete in large-scale cash tournaments.

Cash can be legally bet in such skill-based tournaments most US states and in all but 13 countries worldwide.

Put your money where your mouth is

"Real money tournaments are something our users have been asking us to put in for some time, and we are excited to be able to work with Cashplay to deliver them," said Vladimir Funtikov, Creative Mobile's CEO.

"Cashplay have the most mature operating system in the industry, and their depositing options are the best available to our users."

"Closing this cooperation agreement with Creative Mobile further validates as the go-to worldwide cash tournament platform for serious skill game developers and publishers looking to deliver a rewarding experience for their players," added Jarrod Epps, CEO of Cashplay.

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