Get your early bird tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects by 4 April

Fancy speaking? Mark the same date in your calendar

Get your early bird tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects by 4 April

Just in case you are still wandering around an empty conference hall in San Francisco, GDC is over for another year.

And while you're probably glad to be over the jetlag and back on top of your emails, wouldn't it be amazing if you could start planning ahead to another great conference in the Summer that is fun and really informative?

Well, have we got good news for you. Yes, Pocket Gamer Connects, our enormously successful conference series started in style in January 2014 in London, is back with a bang on the 16-17 June in the mobile gaming haven of Helsinki.

Mixing our industry leading excellence and unparalleled sense of fun, we're back with two brand new tracks (of talks) for you to get on board with.

Details, details, details

But what are they all about? Chris James, Steel Media MD and general industry bigwig, told me all the juicy details.

"During our Indie Rockstars, we'll be asking questions like how you can marry the games you want to make with the business models that will support your studio," he said.

"Meanwhile our East meets West Global gaming track offers an essential introduction to doing business in different markets, looking specifically at the Asian giants of Korea, China and Japan as well as the rapidly emerging South East Asian, Latin American and Eastern European markets."

The first PG Connects in London in January

Not bad, eh? And what's even better than top quality panels with industry leading figures is all the other things we'll be doing to make Pocket Gamer Connects absolutely top drawer.

Mixing it up

We'll be packaging it in what people are already describing as our classic conference format, mixing a day of informal "unconference" chitchat and meetings with a day of razor sharp talks.

And we'll be hosting another batch of our incredible Pocket Gamer evening events that, as anyone who was at GDC will know, mix brilliant people with even better booze.

The best news is that you've still got a week to show how just damn eager you are for all this fun.

We're still finalising our schedule for the event and are on the lookout for great talks, as well as offering early bird ticket sales, until Friday 4 April so you've still got time to show off to your friends, co-workers and rivals about going to what we're sure will be a great event.

Want to get in on a good thing then? If you want to suggest an idea for a talk themed around our two tracks that'll prove practical and awesome, then you best be clicking here while wearing your best ideas hat.

And, if you're wanting to buy a special Early Bird ticket at the discounted price of $100/€72/£65 for developers and $250/€180/£150 for everyone else, then you can get more than 50 percent off by ordering here right now.

So what are you waiting for? Get your speaker applications and ticket orders in before Friday 4th April and make sure that you're at Helsinki's "hottest" mobile gaming event this year. Just excuse me while I show myself the door for making that pun…

You can find more details over on the official Pocket Gamer Connects website.

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