Aeria Games rebrands for mobile F2P as PlayNext

Launching into RPGs and sports management

Aeria Games rebrands for mobile F2P as PlayNext

Following the  sale of its PC operations and the majority of its mobile games, Aeria Games has announced its rebranding.

Now called PlayNext, the US publisher will focus on free-to-play mobile games for iOS and Android devices.

It has over 300 staff, and offices in Silicon Valley, Japan, Brazil, and Korea.

It's what's next

"Mobile gaming is an incredibly exciting and fast-growing industry, one which requires a highly adaptable and forward-thinking approach. We see PlayNext as the perfect fit for this environment," said CEO Lan Hoang, PlayNext's CEO.

"With our team's experience developing and running highly successful and well-received games, PlayNext is poised to be a major presence in the mobile marketplace."

The company has retained the rights to Marvel's X-Men: Battle of the Atom  card-battler, and is now looking to build up its internal development talent, as well as working with thirdparties.

Future releases will include titles in the role-playing and sports management genres.

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