TapSense launches $10 million fund for RTB users

Get 100% of your ad money

TapSense launches $10 million fund for RTB users

Incentivisation is the most direct way of getting someone to do what you want.

So when it comes to its new real-time bidding exchange, US outfit Tapsense has put its money where it believes your opportunity is.

It’s set up a $10 million fund that will be used to ensure mobile publishers receive the full amount of revenue from their advertising campaigns via its new RTB technology.

Effectively, the $10 million amount would have been TapSense’ margin on advertising activity, meaning publishers won’t pay any fees, at least until that fund is exhausted, or the end of 2014.

Providing control

"In the early days, RTB was associated with low value remnant inventory, but TapSense is revolutionizing advertising with premium RTB monetization,” said CEO Ash Kumar.

“We created the fund because we are confident that when mobile publishers try our private RTB marketplace, they will find it is a superior method of monetization, and commit for the long term."

In terms of how it works, the marketplace enables publishers to use programmatic selling to optimise their monetisation - which can rise as much as five-fold compared to previous methods - across hundreds of demand partners.

They also gain more control thanks to options such as setting floor CPMs, creating white and black lists, mediating ad networks and filtering ad traffic.

The TapSense platform operates at largescale with access to 10 billion ad impressions monthly, across 60 of the top 100 mobile publishers.

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