UKIE lifts the lid on free 'How To' games development event in London

Tackling the modern gamer

UKIE lifts the lid on free 'How To' games development event in London

UK trade association UKIE has teamed up with Lumo Developments to put on a free "How To" event that aims to teach developers how to create for, and engage, a distracted audience.

The event, which will take place in London on 25 April, will feature presentations from Lumo trio Steve Stopps, Jonathan Evans, and Nic Williams, as well as psychologist Dr. Simon Moore.

Evolving with gamers

UKIE and Lumo hope to explain how to target modern gamers, who they claim are only interested in "short session gaming".

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"Playing games is part of everyday life. Many consumers, however, engage in short session gaming – on the way to work, whilst waiting for a friend, in between TV programmes," explained event organisers.

"Short session gaming accounts for an increasing part of the 55 million hours of gaming taking place in the UK every single day.

"How do you develop for a mainstream audience who are only after a distraction between ad breaks rather than being fully engaged with your game?"

If you want to be there when the answer is revealed in under a week's time, you can grab a free ticket by clicking right here

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