Can buy me love: Apple and Google offering devs promo spots for exclusivity

Wall Street Journal weighs in

Can buy me love: Apple and Google offering devs promo spots for exclusivity

Mobile frontrunners Apple and Google are attempting to rally developers to their respective causes by offering lucrative exclusivity deals.

According to the Wall Street Journal, both companies are in the practice of offering developers marketing space and digital promotion in exchange for a window of exclusivity that would see a game released earlier on Android or iOS.

While Apple apparently doesn't offer cash incentives in exchange for exclusivity, it's suggested that the firm does offer prominent App Store marketing that can send downloads, and revenues, soaring.

No cash, only downloads

Building on existing rumours (later denied by EA), the paper claims "people familiar with the matter" confirmed EA struck a deal with Apple last August to promote Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time in exchange for timed exclusivity. 

Cut the Rope 2 also launched on the App Store three months ahead of it's Google Play debut in exchange for promiment promotion spots on Apple's marketplace, one person "familiar with the matter" told the paper.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

If true, such talk marks a change in tact for the Cupertino giant - who for a long time had an editorial team decide which apps to promote - and proves that the mobile market, and specifically the battle between Google and Apple, is getting increasingly competitive.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon and Microsoft are also said to be getting in on the act as they seek to gain ground in the race for mobile dominance.

[source: The Wall Street Journal]

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