TIGA announces UK Games Tax Relief Tour to explain benefits to studios

Focus on innovation and experimentation

TIGA announces UK Games Tax Relief Tour to explain benefits to studios

UK trade association TIGA has announced a Games Tax Relief Tour to demonstrate how the recently implemented tax relief can benefit studios across Britiain.

In order to reap the benefits of tax relief, a studios' games must pass a cultural test - and the tax relief tour will explain how studios can navigate this process and satisfy the BFI's cultural test while maximising their creative freedom.

The tour will also feature lead studio representatives, who will discuss how the tax relief can inspire and support greater innovation and experimentation in UK games businesses - thanks, in no small part, to the increased margins and financial security offered by the GTR.

Excitment on margin

The tour, which is free for all developers to attend, is primarily aimed at helping those in the UK gaming scene get excited about the prospect of game tax relief and the 20 percent margin it offers.

"TIGA is focused on helping game developers and digital publishers succeed. So we are organising the TIGA GTR Tour to help developers understand how tax relief can unleash the creative and financial potential of their studios, and drive innovation & experimentation in their business," began TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson.

"We want as many game developers and digital publishers to benefit from GTR and so we are bringing together a range of expert speakers to a range of different locations across the UK," he continued.

At current, TIGA's GTR tour has the following dates and locations confirmed:

More information on the tour can be found on TIGA's site.

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