Sign up for the Very Big Indie Pitch on 16-17 June

The Very Big Indie Pitch is back at PG Connects

Sign up for the Very Big Indie Pitch on 16-17 June

Have you heard that Pocket Gamer Connects is back in Helsinki on the 16-17 June? Well if you haven’t heard that already, why haven’t you been reading all the news stories, Speaker Spotlights and features we've been writing? Honestly, no pleasing some people…

Anyway, what we're announcing is something truly special - so special it’s only happened once in human history before in fact. Yes, we’re hosting only the second ever Pocket Gamer Very Big Indie Pitch - mobile gaming’s biggest indie developer focused competition which gives you the chance to get your game in front of the industry's leading writers.

Very big benefits

Across the whole of the afternoon of Monday 16 June, we’ll be offering the finest indie developers who submit their games the chance to get their games in front of dozens of the most professional, eminently trustworthy and superbly handsome (ahem) games journalists the world has ever seen.

Every developer will get themselves four minutes with these voracious game hungry journalists, with each particpant rotating around tables as part of our classic speed-dating format to ensure your game gets a thoroughly good going over. And, if that wasn’t enough, everyone who takes part will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic following benefits:

Time with leading journalists – Your game will get pawed, prodded and possibly fawned over by journalists from the likes of Pocket Gamer, Pocket Gamer Biz, AppSpy and 148 apps.

Coverage for your game – As with previous pitches, we’ve shown off the best indie pitchers on Pocket Gamer and Pocket Gamer Biz with coverage in plenty of other places as well.

Quality feedback – Not only will you get coverage opportunities for your game, you’ll get one to one advice from journalists who have seen and done it all. That’s bound to help you sand off any rough edges.

Sponsor interest – At the last VBIP, we had the likes of WildTangent, Immersion and Rovio on the lookout for the next big game; a potential massive opportunity to get your name out there.

Incredible prizes – As well as all the above, there’ll be a prize fund of promotion for your game on the Steel Media network worth more than $20,000 to win – with $10,000 going to the winner alone.

Pocket Gamer's Rob Hearn gives out wisdom at a Big Indie Pitch

Step up to the plate

And the best bit of all about this? Everyone is invited to come along! If you’re an indie looking to step up to the plate and give us your best mobile gaming shot, then you can submit your pride and joy to us to seek the approval of our mighty judges via our business network. Entries need to be in by 30 May and if you get the nod we’ll be in touch before you know it with all the details (including your completely free day one pass to Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki).

And if you’re someone else looking to get involved then fear not – you can come along too! If you’re planning on coming on your lonesome, then we’d recommend buying yourself a lovely ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects on our Eventbrite page. Or, if you’re planning on coming along to our celebratory shebang as part of an awesome/nefarious corporate mission, we’ve got some spiffing sponsorship options for you to check out on the PG Connects website.

We can’t stress enough here at Pocket Gamer how much we love indies and how much hosting the likes of the Very Big Indie Pitch means to us. So either get your game in the mix or grab hold of your PG Connects pass now and join us for another historic Very Big Indie Pitch hosted right in the mobile gaming heartlands.

Thanks to Immersion, Samsung, Vserv and Sky-Mobi for sponsoring the Very Big Indie Pitch in Helsinki.

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