Supercell CEO Paananen, Ben Cousins, Ubisoft, EA and Amazon sign up for PG Connects Helsinki

Nearly 100 top notch speakers signed up – join them!

Supercell CEO Paananen, Ben Cousins, Ubisoft, EA and Amazon sign up for PG Connects Helsinki

With just over a month to go we thought it was time to offer an update on the amazing list of speakers and content that’s assembling for PG Connects Helsinki on 16-17 June, and while we were blown away by the support for our first London event, this one’s looking even bigger.

Since our last update a few weeks ago, we're delighted to annouce that no fewer than 34 new speakers have signed up to share their views, bringing our total number of mobile gaming visionaries to almost 100 over the 2 day event - but we're far from finished. 

Connect with the best

We're now extremely pleased to reveal that Supercell CEO Illka Paananen, and ex-DeNA game designer Ben Cousins are on board. 

They'll be joining what's already an all-star cast featuring industry heavyweights such as King Games Guru Tommy Palm, and 6Waves CEO Arthur Chow, who will be at the event along with representatives from Kabam, EA, Rovio, Ubisoft, Creative Mobile, Nordeus and DropForge/Wargaming.

Our venue in Helsinki

Suffice to say the Finnish scene will be very well represented with Remedy, Rovio and Supercell being joined by CEO’s and senior staff from Housemarque, Next Games, Seriously, PlayRaven, RedLynx and Critical Force plus some of the key figures from Finland’s proud mobile gaming history.

On and just in case you were doubting our indie game chops, the presence of Revolution Studios, CornFox, Frogmind, Digital Legends, LimaSky, Mag Interactive, Remode, Tag, Tin Man Gaming, 4 Door Lemon, ZenFri and many more in the indie game session, plus our very big indie pitch, will hopefully put you straight.

You can see the full line up as it continues to unfold on the PG Connects website, or you could choose instead to go the way of over 400 others and simply meet these awesome men and women in person by coming along to the show.

You can pick up your ticket right here, with prices starting at just £110/$185 for developers. We can't wait to see you there. 


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