We went local and thought global at our PG Mobile Mixer in Tallinn

Thanks to Creative Mobile, AdCash and Intergame

We went local and thought global at our PG Mobile Mixer in Tallinn

Continuing Pocket Gamer's neverending world tour, on the 14 May we touched down in Tallinn, Estonia.

Organised in conjunction with the Intergame 2014 conference and thanks to sponsors Creative Mobile and AdCash, we set up shop in the impressively medieval Kochi Aidad feasting house and supped on fine food and drinks.

Equally important, however, was our excellent panel, which focused on the challenges and opportunities in the local and global markets.

Nordic charge

In a refreshing change, the panel was 80 percent female.

Representing the Estonia industry were Clémence Etienne, sales director at Adcash; Marianna Krjakvina, head of marketing at Creative Mobile; and Kadri Ugand, from incubator GameFounders.

The lovely panel (and Jon)

They were joined by Johanna Nylande, from the Swedish Game Industry Association (Datasoeksbranschen), and Alexey Sazonov from the Kaliningrad-based developer Herocraft.

And the evening was completed with some excellent Estonia-US stand up comedy; thankfully not from the panel.

You can check out the photos in our Facebook gallery

The next Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer will be held in Malmo, Sweden, just before the Nordic Game 2014 conference on 20 May. 

You can find all the details here.

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