Unity: More than 450 bugs squished in Unity 4.5

Now available for download on all devices

Unity: More than 450 bugs squished in Unity 4.5

Unity Technologies has today announced that its latest release, Unity 4.5, is now available for download. The patch features bug fixes-aplenty, as well as an all-new Module Manager, and iOS support for OpenGL ES 3.0.

Impressively, Unity Technologies also claims to have squished more than 450 bugs in the latest update. That’s the most ever managed in a Unity patch to date.

Plus, the new Module Manager aims to offer platform-specific hotfixes across all mobile platforms, meaning future platform-specific bugs will be stomped on much faster, without the need to wait for the next big patch.

With OpenGL ES 3.0 now provided for iOS devices, that means that all mobile platforms are taking advantage of the service. The patch also includes several improvements, such as a better graphics level selection, support for 3D textures, and the usual stability and performance fixes.

On the up

iOS fans will also be pleased with an upgrade to the Unity Remote service. No more will there be wi-fi latency issues when testing games on iOS devices. On top of this, support for accelerometers, gyroscopes, and camera images has been added.

New 2D features include a drag and drop option for objects in the editor’s play mode and a wheel joint for vehicles. Also receiving improvements are 2D physics, which have been brought into line with the 3D physics system.

There are also tweaks to several services, aimed at improving their speed and performance. Scene loading should now be much faster, and a new shader importer quickens the process of uploading shaders. Also, thanks to a new Sparse Textures feature, enormous, detailed textures can now be broken down into tiles, cutting down vastly on memory usage.

For a full list of new features and improvements Unity 4.5, head over to Unity Technologies’ blog for more information.


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