Sweet news: Marmalade's cross-platform SDK goes free

Supporting iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store, BlackBerry and Tizen

Sweet news: Marmalade's cross-platform SDK goes free

UK technology vendor Marmalade has announced the launch of a new free licence for its cross-platform SDK.

Existing customers also benefit from a platform reboot with support for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Tizen now included across all licence types, including the new free version.

In addition, users with Indie, Plus and Pro licences get support for Windows and Mac desktop, Roku and selected smart TV platforms.

Platform hopping

Marmalade's free SDK license features a wide array of pre-integrated extensions, including billing and IAP APIs for all major app stores - plus many advertising, analytics, and database services.

Marmalade Quick, Marmalade Web and Marmalade Juice - which gives developers the ability to recompile their Objective-C iOS projects natively for Android - are also included.

Speaking about the launch of the free SDK, Marmalade CEO Harvey Elliott stressed the importance of its performance and cross-platform appeal.

"We know from our community that maintaining native performance for apps across different platforms is a top priority, and now all developers can use a free version of the Marmalade SDK, meaning no compromise on performance whatever their platform and freeing them to concentrate on making fantastic apps and games."

You can visit Marmalade's site to learn more about it or the free SDK licence.


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