Apple's new dawn: iOS 8 changes will "empower developers", says Heyzap

The complete package?

Apple's new dawn: iOS 8 changes will "empower developers", says Heyzap

The relatively low profile features unveiled by Apple during its WWDC 2014 keynote - such as the new, more versatile, TouchID system - just may give the Cupertino giant the biggest boost.

That's according to Jude Gomila, co-founder of mobile ad network Heyzap, who believes Apple's retooled TouchID has the potential to be a game-changer, while other features such as the new APIs and extensions will give Apple the power to dominate its closest competitors.

"Despite Google’s strong presence in user auth for iOS and Android, Facebook and Google may have met their match in TouchID," explained Gomila.

"Facebook and Google currently dominate user auth, but TouchID’s easy-to-use, convenient interface just might make it the standard for logging into iOS apps.

"With its simple interface and fuss-free mechanics, I can see TouchID becoming the standard for iOS users."

A new standard, a new dawn

Of course, Gomila understands that the unveiling of the Metal and Swift programming languages - arguably the biggest announcements - also have major roles to play, but it's the complete iOS 8 package that will make Apple an irresistible proposition for developers.

"The new APIs for developers will further widen the diversity we see in the App Store. TouchID and extensions are particularly exciting [but] extensions should allow developers to craft cross-app experiences that don’t require SDKs," said Gomila.

is iOS 8 the complete package?

"The 3D API, Metal, will be huge. The quality of mobile gaming has been improving exponentially in the last few years, and developers are always hungry for tools that better engage their users.

"Allowing developers to bundle their apps may have a significant impact on CPI prices and user acquisition costs, [while] allowing interactions on notifications empowers developers."


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