Creative England welcomes Ian Livingstone to the boardroom

Experience will help the UK

Creative England welcomes Ian Livingstone to the boardroom

Creative England has added more experience to its boardroom by bringing Ian Livingstone and Belinda Budge into the fold.

Budge and Livingstone will join forces with Creative England immediately, and will be tasked with supporting the creative industries at the heart of the firm using their 'dynamism and drive'.

Creative England has supported over 63 companies since its inception, investing £2.5 million into the UK games industry in the process.

Focus firmly on the UK

Caroline Norbury, Creative England's chief executive, hopes that the combined experience of Budge and Livingstone will help propel the UK games industry to new heights.

“It’s fantastic to have both Belinda and Ian on board to help us champion the UK’s creative businesses," said Norbury.

"With Ian’s gaming industry prowess and Belinda’s innovative publishing background I know that they will have unique and invaluable insights into the industry that will help us to support more businesses and continue to make the creative industries in the UK a force to be reckoned with.”

Tomb Raider creator Ian Livingstone CBE began working in the industry in 1975

Industry veteran and Tomb Raider creator Ian Livingstone, who has 39 years worth of experience under his belt, has admitted he is 'delighted' with his new role. 

"I am very fortunate to have made a career out of my passion for games, and I am delighted to be bringing my industry experience to the Creative England board," explained Livingstone.

“Through the GamesLab programme, the team have strived to provide much-needed funding to the flourishing UK indie games scene.

"With the boom in digital consumption of games, this couldn’t have come at a better time. There is incredibly creative talent in this country that needs the right kind of backing to scale valuable IP to global markets.

"It is important that the industry is supported to ensure the UK maintains its rightful place as a global leader in games production, [and] I look forward to working with Creative England to help make this happen.”


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