Opening doors: Unity for PlayStation Mobile is available now

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Opening doors: Unity for PlayStation Mobile is available now

Unity has announced that the full official release of Unity for PlayStation Mobile is available now.

The release means that anyone on the PSM Developer Program will be able to publish their Unity content to the PlayStation Store free of charge, giving developers the chance to target PS Vita users.

The Unity for PSM build allows devs to include in-app purchase APIs, while they will also be able to use the new build to distribute content via Sony's Playstation TV.

Making the leap

Unity has praised the new build's ability to give developers the chance to develop for a new platform with ease.

"The PSM build option is designed to provide quick, simple and free access for development on a standard retail PS Vita," read a Unity statement.

Unity is heading to Sony's systems

"As part of your PS Vita dev kit, you also get a comprehensive suite of performance and native debugging tools, Visual Studio integration and Razor CPU/GPU performance tools.

"If you’re thinking about making the leap to console development, targeting PS Vita is a great way to familiarise yourself with PlayStation controls and conventions."

[source: Unity]


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