Get your free Pocket Gamer Connects: Helsinki 2014 reports

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Get your free Pocket Gamer Connects: Helsinki 2014 reports

The Pocket Gamer Connects: Helsinki 2014 is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you attended, don't forget that there are two essential, premium industry reports ready to download for free.

During your trip to Helsinki you'll have received a card with an exclusive PG Connects: Helsinki event code that grants you free access to both reports, worth over $600.

PGbiz Global Trends Report - Q2 2014

"As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow and adapt it can be remarkably hard to keep up with the dominant trends. Is publishing dead, or simply metamorphosing? Are indies really turning their backs on smartphone for Steam? Has crowdfunding lost it potency? Why does Finland still hold such a grip on the Western industry? How are Asian investors changing the face of European and Western mobile sectors?"

"In this report, we’ve answered all these questions and many more as we bring you the ultimate guide to the mobile games space as it stands in mid-2014, brimming with data, expert insight, and core facts from one of the globe’s most dynamic industries."

PGbiz Mobile Games Developer Survey - Q2 2014

"What a year 2014 is shaping up to be for the mobile games industry, with absolutely no signs of the sector slowing down anytime soon. This report is based on responses from a survey carried out during Spring 2014, asking developers throughout the world to answer a series of questions relating to team sizes, budgets, perceived threats to business, and give their thoughts on the year ahead."

The PGbiz Mobile Games Developer Survey - Q2 2014 and PGbiz Global Trends Report - Q2 2014 are part of your ticket bundle, and offer vital insights into the industry, its players, and what gamers want.

So head over to now, and enter the code on your card in the "Event Access Code" box in the left-hand column.

If you haven't already, you'll need to sign up (and log in) to the Pocket Gamer Business Network to claim your downloads, but don't worry.

It's entirely free, and comes with plenty of side benefits that'll further help cement your position in the growing mobile games industry.

Any problems with accessing your free reports, just drop us a line.

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