Creative powerhouse: Industry council outlines plan for sustaining UK success

UK creativity vital

Creative powerhouse: Industry council outlines plan for sustaining UK success

Members of the Creative Industries Council, which features UKIE chairman Andy Pain and vice chairman Ian Livingstone, have outlined a plan that will attempt to secure the UK's position as a world leader in the creative industry.

The plan was pitched at a Facebook-hosted event attended by industry and government heavyweights such as Vince Cable, secretary of state for business, innovation, and skill, and Sajid Javid, secretary of state for culture, media, and sport.

With the creative market becoming increasingly competitive and internationalised, the CIC issued a warning to attendees explaining that while the UK industry is doing very well, there's no time to sit back and admire the view.

Clear focus

The new strategy will ensure the UK remains competitive heading towards 2020 by focusing on 5 key areas: Education and skills, finance, infrastructure, intellectual property, and international investment.

The CIC hopes to inspire the next generation of designers by increasing employer engagement with schools and providing better opportunities for people from all backgrounds, while it also wants to ensure that businesses understand how to access relevant finances.

By also creating a bulletproof IP framework, along with an advanced communications infrastructure, the CIC will promote a strong copyright regime, helping the UK secure its place at the top for years to come.

Finally, the new plan aims to double the value of creative industry service exports from £15.5 billion in 2011 to £31 billion in 2020.

Media Molecule's Tearaway is just one of many globally recognised British exports

Response to the plan has been overwhelmingly positive, with industry members pleased that the UK's creative industries are being given the time they deserve.

"We welcome the publication of the Creative Industries strategy" said Jo Twist CEO of UKIE.

"The UK games sector embodies 21st century creativity, fusing together music, art, storytelling, technology and many of the other disciplines that make this country such a powerhouse of creativity, but more can always be done to help grow the fantastic businesses that make up the UK games industry."

Unparralleled talent

Vince Cable, Business Secretary, has also voiced his support of the new strategy, acknowledging that British creatives have "put the UK on the world map".

“British designers, musicians and filmmakers have put the UK on the world map with their creative talent," said Cable.

"They have also played a big part in driving our economic recovery. UK creative industries generate £71 billion in revenue each year and support 1.71 million jobs - that’s equivalent to four times a city the size of Manchester.

"We want this sector to continue to thrive so it’s important that government and industry keep working together to foster the right environment for creative industries to succeed."

To view the full report and strategy, click right here

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