Fishlabs to offer mobile games by email

Thus slaying one of mobile's greatest bugbears

Fishlabs to offer mobile games by email
Interesting one, this. German developer Fishlabs, responsible for such mobile highlights as Blades & Magic, Heli Strike 3D, and the incomparable Galaxy on Fire, is offering its premium customers the opportunity to receive games as email attachments rather than by the more traditional method of WAP push.

"Because our high quality 3D Java games have sophisticated graphics and offer several hours of gameplay, they can be up to a megabyte in size, which is relatively large," said company co-founder and CEO, Michael Schade.

Data charges are often cited as the reason for many consumers' reluctance to venture into mobile gaming, as well as the high incidence of failed downloads, and so the service should appeal to the cautious amongst you. It certainly appeals to us.

Not only that, but owning the .jar file should in principle allow you to install it onto any compatible device, just as you can install a traditional console or PC game wherever you like.

"[C]ustomers not only save on data transfer costs, they also have a backup copy if the game is accidentally deleted or the mobile phone software is updated," Schade added.

While we applaud the idea, we can't help but be concerned with the darker side of this coin: what's to stop you buying the game and then sharing it on Limewire? According to our initial probings, anti-piracy measures will be in place, so hopefully the coin will shine on both sides, but we're not certain as yet what form the anti-piracy measures will take, or how effective they'll be. Once we find out, of course, you'll be the first to know.
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