Chasing Carrots wins Havok’s $100,000 Project Anarchy mobile game prize

Three winners announced

Chasing Carrots wins Havok’s $100,000 Project Anarchy mobile game prize

Having launched its open source mobile game development toolset Project Anarchyover 12 months ago, Havok is now celebrating some of the games that have been made using it.

It’s all part of the company’s Project Anarchy Mobile Game Development Challenge, which was judged by a set of industry experts from companies such as Rare, Double Fine, Nyamyam, Harmonix, Uber Entertainment and Funomena.

The winner of the first prize of $100,000 was won by Chasing Carrots for its mobile/PC game trading/sim title Cosmonautica – A Space Trading Adventure, which will be globally released on iOS and Android later in the summer.

The second prize of $25,000 went to Korean developer Jemin Hwang for his train simulator Hmmsin, which features a very detailed recreation of the Seoul Metro Line 2.

The third-placed winner of $15,000 went to James Allcock and Manny Marquez for their colour-matcher Temple Match.

“The Project Anarchy Mobile Game Development Challenge has opened the door for very talented developers to use Havok’s powerful mobile toolset to create innovative and fun game experiences on mobile platforms,” said Andrew Bowell, Havok’s head of product management.

“Each of the winners exemplify the potential of the Havok product suite and demonstrate that indie developers can use Havok’s technology to rapidly create a diverse range of experiences.”

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