iPhone sales soar past 35 million in latest quarter, but iPad continues slump

Tablet sales down for second quarter in row

iPhone sales soar past 35 million in latest quarter, but iPad continues slump

Sales of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone jumped 13 percent year-on-year during the firm's most recent quarter, hitting 35.2 million units as profits came in at $7.75 billion.

That's up 12 percent on the same period in 2013, with Q3 2014 revenue coming in at $37.4 billion, itself representing a rise of almost 6 percent.

Indeed, little surprise then that CEO Tim Cook highlighted the success of iPhone when summing up the results, along with drawing attention to "other new products and services that we can't wait to introduce" - one of which expected to be an as of yet unannounced smart watch.

Building with BRICs

"Our record June quarter revenue was fuelled by strong sales of iPhone and Mac and the continued growth of revenue from the Apple ecosystem, driving our highest EPS growth rate in seven quarters," detailed Cook.

"We are incredibly excited about the upcoming releases of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, as well as other new products and services that we can’t wait to introduce."

The continued rise of iPhone – which, has been noted, is now doing especially well in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations, calming the nerves of many investors – comes as iPad, however, appears to be losing its footing.

Sales of Apple's iPad continue to fall back

For the second quarter in a row iPad sales were down year-on-year, coming in at 13.28 million, down 19 percent from 14.62 million sold in Q3 2013.

As a result, Reuters reports Apple is to partner up with former rival IBM to trigger a shift in form factor for iPad, with the device now being squeezed by cheaper Android tablets, notebooks and revised touchscreen-enabled laptops running Windows.

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