Golden age of video: Google confirms $1 billion Twitch purchase

Video killed the radio star

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July 25th, 2014 acquisition Google
Twitch Interactive
Golden age of video: Google confirms $1 billion Twitch purchase

Google's deal to purchase livestreaming outfit Twitch for $1 billion has been confirmed by sources close to the firm.

While the move was hinted at earlier this year, it appears that the finishing touches finally been put in place.

Right now the exact details of the deal are unknown, but those who sunk money into Twitch are said to be pleased about seeing a significant return on their original investment.

The fire rises

The reported $1 billion Google has laid down to purchase Twitch confirms that livestreaming is only going to get better, bolder, and bigger.

Twitch currently boasts more than 50 million monthly active users, 1.1 million of whom broadcast videos.

The service also distributes shows from a number of high profile partners such as GameSpot, Destructioid and Joystiq, while popular streams such as Twitch Plays Pokemon, which has already written itself into internet folklore, ensure that over 13 billion minutes of video are watched every month.

While it's currently unclear what Google plans to do with Twitch, it's safe to say that, due to the firm's acqusition of YouTube back in 2006, it now holds the future of internet video in the palm of its hand. 

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