As it rolls out on iOS, ad platform StartApp hits 250 million monthly active users

Number of integrated apps rises to 100,000

As it rolls out on iOS, ad platform StartApp hits 250 million monthly active users

Mobile advertising platform StartApp now boasts 250 million monthly active users as well as 100,000 integrated apps.

The US firm, which recently started offering monetisation and advertising solutions to iOS developers, has managed to bag a Globee Award after being named one of 2014's fastest growing private companies.

Proving that good news does come in threes, StartApp has also revealed that its CEO, Gil Dudkeiwicz, was appointed as an Interactive Advertising Bureau board member.

Aggressive negotiations

StartApp made its debut back in 2011 as a bundling tool for Android, generating revenue for developers by strapping on a bookmark for its search engine that was automatically installed on a user's home screen. 

The firm has since expanded it services, billing itself as a platform that "helps developers and advertisers monetize, distribute and advertise apps."

Speaking about the company's growth, Dudkeiwicz explained that if StartApp wants to keep being one step ahead of the curve it can't afford to stop and take a breather. Aggressive, unrelenting growth is the only way to build momentum.

"Growth is one of the most important processes for any business,” said Dudkiewicz, "[and] our mission is to enhance the brand and performance of our publishers and advertisers by delivering beautiful data driven ads.

“In order to grow aggressively, we always need to be one step ahead, with consistent focus on innovations and out-of-the-box thinking, to allow us to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.”

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