In the light of Yahoo-Flurry deal, Fiksu struts $100 million in annual sales

UA market is hotting up for M&A

In the light of Yahoo-Flurry deal, Fiksu struts $100 million in annual sales

[Updated: Fiksu has clarified that the $100 million figure is for the past 12 months sales, not lifetime sales.]

As it enters a mature phase, the focus of user acquisition companies is switching from explosive growth to potential M&A activity.

So with Tapjoy buying 5Rocks and Yahoo snapping up Flurry, Fiksu seems keen to demonstrate its value in the ecosystem.

It's just announced annual sales on a trailing 12 month basis have just surpassed $100 million.

Computer smarts

Over the past 12 months, much of this growth has come as more clients sign up to use its programmatic mobile demand platform.

Facebook has been a particularly important factor in this, as the company pointed out in a recent guest column on

Fisku reckons that with over 800 customers, including Coca-Cola and Disney, and running in over 2,300 apps, its platform provides the "world's largest mobile media inventory".

More generally, the platform has tracked 1.2 billion loyal users, 1.7 billion devices, 300 billion in-app events and 3.5 trillion marketing events.

Better, bigger

All very impressive, but the company is looking to the future and hope to hire a further 40 staff in 2014, which would take its headcount to 300.

It's also planning to open offices in Los Angeles and Germany. It's headquartered in Boston, with offices in the UK, Finland, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

"Fiksu's roots have always been in data and now, in our fourth year, the sheer mass of data we have accumulated delivers massive scale and unmatched targeting to businesses and agencies seeking to optimize their mobile advertising results," said CEO Micah Adler.

"The future is incredibly bright for data-driven mobile advertising."

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