Weekly UK App Store Charts: Heads Up! beats Minecraft as Ketchapp dominates the free charts

Weekly UK App Store Charts: Heads Up! beats Minecraft as Ketchapp dominates the free charts

On this week's UK App Store charts Warner Bros' Heads Up!  realised its potential by knocking Minecraft  off of its pedestal only a week after it had climbed back up. 

Mobile studio Ketchapp has also been in fine form, with one of the developer's titles, Circle The Dot, climbing to the top of the free iPhone charts, with two of the team's other games also making it to #5 and #6 respectively. 

As always, Minecraft  is still sitting pretty at the top of the iPad paid charts, while LucasArts' Star Wars: Commander  has siezed control of the iPad free charts.

Unfortunately for 22Cans, Godus  has now dropped off the radar after a promising start to life on the charts.

Other losers include Micromon,  a Pokémon  replica that looked so solid weeks ago, but now clings on for dear life, and Snake!Snake!Snake,  which, despite topping the iPhone free charts last week, has now vanished. 

Will our new challengers be able to last longer than their ill-fated cousins? Come back next week to find out. 

Official UK App Store Charts August 18 - August 24, 2014

iPhone Paid Apps

  1. Heads Up! (Warner Bros.)
  2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mojang)
  3. Motorsport Manager (Christian West)
  4. Tipping Point (Barnstorm Games)
  5. Monopoly (EA)
  6. Doodle Jump (Lima Sky)
  7. Pako - Car Chase Simulator (Tree Men Games)
  8. Football Chairman (Freaky Robot)
  9. Football Manager Handheld 2014 (Sega)
  10. Micromon (Pocket Trend)

Minecraft lost out yet again

iPhone Free Apps

  1. Circle The Dot (Ketchapp)
  2. Block! (BitMango)
  3. Swing Copters (Dong Nguyen)
  4. Star Wars: Commander (LucasArts)
  5. Amazing Brick (Ketchapp)
  6. Make Them Fall (Ketchapp)
  7. Roulettist (Kamagames)
  8. Doodle Devil Free (JoyBits)
  9. Doodle God Free (JoyBits)
  10. Crazy Taxi City Rush (Sega)

iPad Paid Apps

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mojang)
  2. Tipping Point (Barnstorm Games)
  3. Motorsport Manager (Christian West)
  4. Peppa Pig's Holiday (P2 Games)
  5. Terraria (505 Games) 
  6. Football Manager Handheld 2014 (Sega)
  7. Marvel Super Heroes (Warner Bros.)
  8. Hide N Seek : Mini Game  (Wang Wei)
  9. The Survival Games. (Wang Wei)
  10. Pako - Car Chase Simulator (Tree Men Games)

Star Wars: Commander is top of the iPad free chart

iPad Free Apps

  1. Star Wars: Commander (LucasArts)
  2. Circle The Dot (Ketchapp)
  3. Swing Copters (Dong Nguyen)
  4. Cupcake Mania (TeamLava)
  5. Mahjong Ultimate HD (Maurits Filet)
  6. Crazy Taxi City Rush (Sega)
  7. Atom Run (Fingerlab)
  8. Bubble Witch 2 Saga (King)
  9. Buddyman: Kick 2 HD (Crazylion Studios)
  10. Can You Steal It (Monkey Robber)

What do you call someone who has an unhealthy obsession with video games and Sean Bean? That'd be a 'Chris Kerr'. Chris is one of those deluded souls who actually believes that one day Sean Bean will survive a movie. Poor guy.


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