Adapt and thrive: Nintendo unveils redesigned 3DS

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Adapt and thrive: Nintendo unveils redesigned 3DS

Nintendo has revealed via Twitter that redesigned Nintendo 3DS systems are on the way.

They will feature modified shoulder buttons alongside a second analog stick - technically a nub or C-stick. 

The redesigned devices also have bigger screens, more powerful CPUs, and Micro SD card slots for those looking to boost their storage.

Another big improvement comes in the form of refined 3D functionality, which will give players the ability to see a games' 3D effects even if they view the screen at an angle.

There will also be support for NFC; something that will be used in the new Amiibo interactive figures. 

New look

The standard console will be available in white and black, with the XL version coming in metallic blue as well as metallic black.

The basic system will be sold for $154 in Japan, with the new 3DS XL retailing for a slightly higher price of $181.

Nintendo is also launching customised fascia back covers or Kisekae Plates, which will cost around $15. 

The device will hit Japanese shelves on October 11.


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