Marmalade 7.4 brings added features for Facebook, WinPho 8.1, Roku and Firefox

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Marmalade 7.4 brings added features for Facebook, WinPho 8.1, Roku and Firefox

Marmalade has lifted the lid on the latest version its cross-platform app development tool, Marmalade 7.4.

The updated SDK includes a host of new features designed to help devs bring their apps to a wide variety of platforms.

Developers will be able to use 7.4 to take advantage of Windows Phone 8.1 features, update and submit Marmalade apps ahead of public release, easily monetise Roku apps, and bring apps to the Firefox OS marketplace.

The update also includes new Facebook SKDs and bug fixes which will ensure Marmalade apps continue to run on devices running iOS 8.

Marmalade milestone

Harvey Elliott, Marmalade CEO, believes the new SKD represents a company milestone, and will prove invaluable for developers looking to widen their reach.

"The release of Marmalade 7.4 is yet another milestone met for Marmalade and the fast growing Marmalade Community, which has more than doubled over the past year," said Elliott.

"By making continuous improvements to our core C++ tool, we give game developers of all shapes and sizes the ability to publish native performance games on the app stores that matter, without expensive reworking and consuming valuable development time.”

To find out more about the new SKD, and see a full list of features, you can head on over to the Marmalade website.


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