Google Play gets two hour returns window

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Google Play gets two hour returns window

Google has officially announced that a two hour refund window is now in effect on Google Play. 

Until now, Android users only had 15 minutes to decided whether to keep software, or get a refund.

However, after a recent bout of lawsuits, Google has decided to increase that time-limit to give consumers a chance to properly assess their purchases.

Power to the people

In order to refund a purchase, Google Play customers must look for the store’s 'open and refund' options, which are displayed during the 120-minute grace period.

After the time-limit runs out, however, the refund option is replaced with an uninstall button.

Google has also made it clear that the system can’t be exploited by gamers looking for a free ride, as apps can only be refunded once. A second purchase is a permanent one.

[source: Google Play]

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