Vungle's new tech takes 300 milliseconds to decide between a pre-cached or streaming ad

Optimisation the experience

Vungle's new tech takes 300 milliseconds to decide between a pre-cached or streaming ad

Video ads are the hot part of the mobile advertising ecosystemin terms of user engagement and how much money developers can generate from their inventory.

That's why so much brain power is being tasked with making the system even more optimised: something Vungle reckons it's cracked with its new hybrid ad serving technology.

All about speed

Integrated into the Vungle Exchange, this is a two-part process, beginning when you open an app when your device has a fast internet connection.

The exchange triggers a real-time bidding competition between the live campaigns and pre-caches the best one on your device.

Then, just before an advert is triggered, it checks again to see if there's a new higher bidder that offers better UX, defaulting to the original ad if there's not a strong enough connection for streaming or the original ad was better.

This process takes less than 300 milliseconds.

In this way, so the thinking goes, there's both a good user experience and the developer generates the maximum amount of revenue from that advert.

Capturing value

Vungle has recently also integrated AOL's platform into its exchange.

"We're delighted to announce the launch of hybrid serving, and to partner with," said Vungle CEO, Zain Jaffer.

"Vungle's unique technology and's demand-side platform integration will give marketers an easy way to manage their video ad spend across platforms, and give publishers a better way to monetize."

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