Chobolabs raises $1.3 million to redefine competitive shooters on mobile

Round led by Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors

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September 16th, 2014 investment Chobolabs
Innovation Endeavors
Chobolabs raises $1.3 million to redefine competitive shooters on mobile

From MOBAs like Super Evil Megacorp's Vainglory to real-money skill-gaming platforms like Skillz and Cashplay, not to mention the daily activity of millions of Chinese mobile gamers in MMORPGs, competitive core mobile gaming is currently on the rise.

So it's a good sector for aggressive start-ups to enter.

And having closed a $1.3 million seed funding round, that's exactly what US outfit Chobolabs is up to.

Playing to win

Led by Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, with input from an array of angels investors, it's using the cash to kickstart its vision for competitive synchronous multiplayer mobile gaming.

"I am convinced that over the next 12-18 months competitive gaming will emerge on mobile and capture core gamers' attention," commented CEO Deyan Vitanov, himself previously a professional gamer on Counter-Strike and StarCraft: Brood War.

Based on its own proprietary real-time engine, Chobolabs is already testing its debut game, something it says is reimagining competitive shooters for mobile.

Set up by veterans from companies like Ubisoft and Gameloft, Chobolabs has also recently been joined by Pocket Gems' Ilian Georgiev, who managed the company's hit game Paradise Cove.

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