Amazon presses reset: Launches new tablets, rolls out OS update

Sangria hits Fire devices

Amazon presses reset: Launches new tablets, rolls out OS update

Amazon has combined the launch of a fresh range of Fire tablets with a major update to its Fire OS,
claiming its providing customers with the “next generation” of software and hardware.

Alongside the roll out of Fire OS 4 – better known as Sangria – comes at the same time as the launch of Fire HD, which Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has described as the “most powerful tablet under $100”, and the Fire HDX 8.9, starting from $379.

All fired up

"When we think about Fire OS, we start with what matters to customers - ease of use and performance," said Amazon Devices senior VP Dave Limp.

"Fire OS 4 improves in both of these areas, and deeply integrates software, content, and the Cloud to deliver services that are only available from Amazon, including Family Library, Firefly, and free cloud storage for photos."

The new Fire HD range

The update to Amazon's range of tablets – which, critically, all have access to Amazon's library of 33 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and Android apps - and operating system comes after critics branded the launch of the firm's Fire Phone 2014's 'biggest flop', after reported slow sales in North America after its debut.

As a result, Amazon halved its RRP from $199 to $99 two months after launch, angering financial experts who branded the firm's strategy as a "bait and switch" business model.


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