Can Game Power Score Analysis really predict your game's commercial success?

Markus Ramark certainly thinks so

Can Game Power Score Analysis really predict your game's commercial success?

According to Markus Ramark, one of the key issues with the games industry is that there are lots of investors but also lots of uncertainty in terms of how to find good games.

"That's why we're seeing a lot of Finnish game companies raising a lot of money. Because people are investing in teams," he said at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2014.

In my crystal ball

This is a reasonable way to try to deal with risk but Ramark thinks there is another way.

Working with start-up Game Refinery, he's come up with what they're calling Game Power Score Analysis.

This is a predictive analysis - a grown up form of's Monetizer if you like - for games that are still in development.

"We've already analysed hundreds of games, each looking at a 100 different variables," Ramark said.

In this way, each game gets a score out of 100. For example Clash of Clans scores 91.

But more significantly, the process can be used to test different scenarios in terms of how making changes to different aspects of a game will impact its eventual commercial success.

You can check out the entire speech below, or sign up to find out more about Game Refinery at its website.

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