Remerge secures $1 million funding for its adtech platform

Enabling audience segmentation and retargeting

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 1st, 2014 investment Point Nine Capital
Remerge secures $1 million funding for its adtech platform

Mobile adtech startup Remerge has lifted the lid on a $1 million seed funding round led by Point Nine Capital.

The Berlin-based firm also revealed plans to launch, an "audience segmentation and retargeting platform" designed to help mobile app advertisers manage their app’s user base and retarget their customers with relevant marketing messages.

Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis has described Point Nine Capital as a "perfect fit".


"With their expertise scaling businesses and in the adtech space, the team at Point Nine Capital are the perfect fit for Remerge," explained Katsukis.

"The seed funding will allow us to further improve our technology, build up our team, and bring our product to market. Our tests with app advertisers on the platform have verified the huge market need and potential for the solution we offer.”

The platform is being pitched as the first of its kind, with Martin Karlsch, CTO and co-founder of Remerge, praising its ability to allow marketers to segment their audiences based on individual requirements and business goals.

"From a tech perspective, the app ecosystem still relies heavily on manual processes. That makes it difficult to efficiently scale retargeting campaigns for big app marketers," said Karlsch.

"Currently, app marketers are missing efficient tools to manage their user bases and build individual retargeting strategies.

"We solve this problem by offering an integrated platform that combines audience management, deeplinking, dynamic ad creation and access to millions of apps. Plus, by not requiring client-side integration, our customers have zero set-up efforts.”

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