Free Unreal Engine 4 rumoured for Oculus Rift developers

Epic looking for new opportunities

Free Unreal Engine 4 rumoured for Oculus Rift developers

A rumour has sprung up that Epic is preparing to make an aggressive push into the virtual reality game development arena when a message appeared saying, "Unreal Engine 4 is now free for Oculus Rift Development Kit Owners," followed by a "Learn More" link.

Exactly how this offer would be delivered is unclear, given that Unreal Engine 4, unlike its closest rival Unity, currently has no free version.

However, it could suggest a license for the development platform might be bundled with purchases of the newly-unveiled Crescent Bay Oculus Rift devkit.

Which would you prefer for VR game development? Unity, or UE4? Tell us.

Unity and Epic have been battling it out to become the platform of choice for Rift virtual reality game developers, with Unity already announcing a free version for devkit owners, while Epic is responsible for some of the more impressive demo software for the anticipated headset.

The banner was quickly removed from Epic's website, but we can expect to find out the truth soon enough. Watch this space.

Source: SegmentNext

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