Thumbstar and Bossa join forces to bring titles including Thomas Was Alone to emerging markets

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October 6th, 2014 partnership Bossa Studios
Thumbstar Games
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Thumbstar and Bossa join forces to bring titles including Thomas Was Alone to emerging markets

UK publisher Thumbstar Games has struck up a deal to distribute three titles from the Bafta-award winning studio, Bossa Games.

The Liverpool-based publishing outfit will add Thomas Was Alone, Surgeon Simulator, and Deep Dungeons of Doom to its portfolio, and will handle the distribution of all three games on Android platforms.

Thumbstar plans to push out its new titles globally using a distribution network built on a foundation of 200 operators and D2C channels, with particular focus on Asia and Latin America.

Unique acquisition

Thumbstar CEO Gareth Edmondson has explained that Bossa's position as one of the industry's most exciting and innovative studios made the deal a no-brainer.

“Bossa Studios has established itself as one of the most innovative, exciting and unique studios in the games development business and we are absolutely thrilled and privileged to be working with them” said Gareth Edmondson, CEO Thumbstar Games.

Thumbstar has added Thomas Was Alone to its portfolio

Henrique Olifiers, CEO of Bossa Studios, echoded Edmondson's remarks, adding that Thumbstar will be the perfect partner going forward.

”I've been a long time fan of Martin [Edmondson] and Gareth's work, the creators of some of my favourites games,” sad Olifiers.

“Thus partnering with them through Thumbstar to take our titles to new markets is simply perfect as they care about quality as much as we do. I'm very excited with what we'll do together while getting these games to new shores and players.”

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