Three weeks on, a majority of iOS users still haven't upgraded to iOS 8

A long wait for eight

Three weeks on, a majority of iOS users still haven't upgraded to iOS 8

The absolute data is different depending on whether you get it from Apple or thirdparty trackers, but the trend is clear - iOS 8 adoption is slowing down.

Partly because of the large amount of free space required to install the update over-the-air - typically 5.7GB - and perhaps partly because of snafus with some point releases, it seems that the gap between early adopters and the rest of us has extended.

Taking the most positive angle (in absolute terms, at least), Apple has been tracking the operating system as used by people on the App Store.

As TUAW points out, on 21 September, iOS 8 was being used by 46 percent of users. By 5 October, that total had increased to 47 percent.

Minority report

Taking a different approach, data companies such as Fiksu have been tracking users by looking at analytics from apps and games that used their SDKs.

Indeed, Fiksu is running a real-time webpage on the subject. This suggests that 20 days from release, around 38 percent of users are on iOS 8.

That compares to 59 percent who had upgraded to iOS 7 and 58 percent who had upgraded to iOS 6 over a similar time frame during those OS upgrades.

Of course, this is hardly fragmentation of Android standards, but it does underline that iOS developers are now having to deal with an increasingly array of hardware types and OS versions too.

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