App trials could be heading to Google Play

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App trials could be heading to Google Play

Google is planning on introducing app trials to the Google Play store in order to allow users to try before they buy.

According to tech news site The Information, which unearthed the story, the app trials are essentially Google's way of offering a demo.

Google hopes the move will increase revenue by removing some of the consumer uncertainty that currently surrounds premium purchases, while also reducing the number of negative reviews.

Positive move

Ultimately, it's a change that should go some way to helping the store establish itself alongside the App Store, with Google's marketplace currently being outshone by Apple's in terms of revenue.

Indeed, the IDC has estimated that Google's marketplace brought in $1.3 billion compared to the App Store's $10 billion in 2013, despite the fact that Android currently holds an 85 percent share of the smartphone market.

The move also comes as Apple has been improving app discovery in the App Store with videos and better descriptions, while another approach is coming from ad companies like Voxel and mNectar who are offering 30 second playable game adverts. 

[source: The Information]



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