Supercell planing a 'Rovio' as it looks to hire merchandising experts

Barbarian bedspread?

Supercell planing a 'Rovio' as it looks to hire merchandising experts

A job listing at Clash of Clans developer Supercell has revealed the firm is looking to create a world class line of merchandise for its fans.

The Finnish outfit hopes that an ongoing licensing and merchandising strategy will help deepen its brand experience.

Supercell looks eager to tap into a market that has helped mobile companies like Rovio fly high, and, while it'll be difficult to replicate that success, the company's "unwavering commitment to quality" will help it reach the next level.

Of course, Supercell will also be looking to avoid the market saturation that appears to have occured with Angry Birds; although this is an attitude our Finnsider disagrees with.

Whole new world

According to a Supercell statment, the developer is only interested in hiring someone who has the vision to look beyond the digital world. 

"Supercell makes games loved by tens of millions of players, who enjoy more than the games. They love Supercell’s characters & worlds, and want to enjoy them outside of the games themselves," read a company statement.

About to be unleashed from the game?

"As such, Supercell wants to create world-class licensed merchandise designed exclusively to be enjoyed by our dedicated fans.

"This is way easier said than done. It takes vision, commitment, super talented, and slightly crazy people who will pursue only the very best work possible."

Supercell is encouraging candidates who feel they fit the bill to apply within.

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